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Pocket 9s PreFlop

Playing Pocket 9s PreFlop is most successfully gambling accomplished either from late position to take the pot easily and quickly or from the early position after you wait to see the flop. These two methods are quite effective if used at the correct time and with the correct intentions. Losses can be minimized and profits can be made.

Late Position Pocket 9s PreFlop

It is possible to play Pocket 9s PreFlop from an early or middle position, but it is most profitable from a late position. The key is to wait until nearly all other players have folded and only a couple of weak opponents are still in the game of poker. If you strike at this moment with a strong bet, the others will undoubtedly fold and leave the pot open for you to sweep up.

Waiting to See the Flop

If you are in an early position, it is wise to wait to see the flop. Place a small minimum bet, and hope for some improvement from the flop. If you score another 9, then you will be in a great position of a poker players. However, fold readily if any player exhibits extra confidence, and keep your folding option open if the flop doesn't allow you to improve. Having placed only the minimum bet, your losses will be kept small.

An early position means that you will have minimum losses by waiting to see the flop, while a late position could prove profitable if other players are limp. Keep your mind on the game and watch to see others reactions when playing Pocket 9s PreFlop.